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I can be a right silly bugger some times.

Was browsing on the interweb last night and I found out that Jay Z and Linkin Park, N.E.R.D & Shakira. Now my Girlfriend loves all four and that is the ultimate concert for her so I thought, She bought me Jay Z tickets for Aberdeen and I would buy her tickets to see them at Milton Keynes. Now I looked at the date and saw 29/07/2008 which is my birthday. I bought two tickets that cost £106. When I got the confirmation e-mail it was 29/06/2008. ARSE!!!! Jemma returns home from Cuba on the 01/07/2008!!!

So My problem is

A. If I go to see them and take someone else then Jemma is going to never let it down

B. If I sell the tickets I might get some money back and Jemma will feel guilty which might work in my favour + shows her how much I lover. I would sacrifice seeing this group if she can’t.

Send me your advice….

Have decided tonight I am going to work on my website Modern-Image and I am going to go through ALL my photos and organise every thing a little better and build my portfolio. I deleted 1000 photos of the site today, making room for the Highland games which is1069 Photos.

Problem is I have 10,000+ photos 🙂 Will keep you updated.

Just been looking at a fantastic Irish photographer Stephen McCurry. Just spent my lunch going through his 365 days. This is one of the best 365 Days I have seen.

Stephen McCurry I love this photo

By Stephen McCurry

Always thought about doing a 365 days. Not sure I have the commitment or patience. Maybe I should start with a 30 days and take it from there.

I am surviving with out the other half, although it is weird being in her house all alone. I thought I would manage by myself and enjoy “me” time but I am struggling. I think by the time I get in to sorting my photos and maybe starting my “30 days” I will be fine.

Not sure what I am going to have for tea though, had really nice Fish last night. Night have chicken korma Mmm Yum.

Well I had better get back to work, got loads to do.