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Airtime, originally uploaded by catchlightsa.

It is not often I blog some one else’s photos but this one touched me. Every now and then I find a photograph that moves me and takes me to another world. I close my eyes and try to imagine what that photographer is going through as they took this photo. This is one of my all time favourite photographs.




Thank you,


Guys from Catchlightsa


Ali took me rock climbing today. We were climbing cliffs by the sea called the Slough just outside Aberdeen.

The first stage was really hard and I found it hard jumping on to the over hang. I had no upper body strengh and was proving difficult.

So after 4 try’s I decided to call it quits and improve my upper body and come back in a couple of weeks.

The second climb was great involved using gear and there is nothing that gets the blood pumping more that hanging over a cliff removing gear..

Headed to the pub after a good climb and chilled and watched the opening olympics, WOW they know how to hold a party but the question is, at what cost??

Well heading for food now. Chat laterz

Ali Soloing on the Slough