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Stuck in the the office and Aberdeen is the hottest city in the UK….

I have now changed in to shorts and look like a twat 🙂

Heading home soon to start mounting all the photos from the weekend. The company who I get the prints done have let me down a lot recently and have compensated me but it has been a struggle. a total of two hours over 4 days on the phone. 6-mails and still unhappy with the prints.

The photos that arrive today will be judged and if I am unhappy I will be returning to my original printers. Quality over comes price.

I have to send away one of my studio lights after some silly girl decided to walk straight in to it. Fell over and now all the buttons are pushed in and no power to the unit. The thing that pissed me the most is she didn’t even apologise. That REALLY GETS ON MY TIT……


I don’t print enough. It is cheap than ever before but I don’t print enough of my photographs.

So I have decided to print photographs every week. I will post the photos I send to print each week. Some will be for my portfolio some I think for a little scrap book.

This is what I got done over the weekend.