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Nothing is happening; work is quiet and not busy. Will have a wonder about and try and find some work.

Had a late night last night. trying to get these blasted Activity Mix photos finished. Here is my Workflow

· All images are taken from Memory card and backed up on Backup hard drive and DVD.

· Then I create a “Master” folder.

· Then copy the “Master” Folder and rename it “Edit”.

· The edit folder is where I delete all the unwanted images and edit the kept ones.

· I then create the “Jpeg master” folder and convent all my final RAW images to this folder.

· I then copy that folder and call it “Edit Jpeg” and this is where I do any editing to the Jpeg images.

· I then copy that folder and create “Jpeg Web” and resize all images 800×600 72DPI.

· That folder is then copied and renamed “Watermark Web” and watermark all images.

· I then copy that folder and rename it “M-I” and resize them between 0.50-0.150MB for posting on

(All is now done with Lightroom)

So that is my work flow, only with the Activity Mix photos they have to get sorted in to 10 folders with each of the Highland Games. It is driving me up the wall and to top it off my Photo shop is corrupting images.

So I spent 2 hours in the gym yesterday and 8 hours at work and then 6 hours editing photos, Nice….

Tonight I had planed to go for a swim but it looks like I will be in front of the computer getting them completed. Think is I feel really guilty spending so much time in-doors, I should be out photographing.

E-mailed the other half last night but not sure is she is getting e-mail but going to e-mail her every day so when she does get to her messages, she will have plenty from me 🙂 I am really missing her 😥

Right I had better go and find some thing to do.



I can be a right silly bugger some times.

Was browsing on the interweb last night and I found out that Jay Z and Linkin Park, N.E.R.D & Shakira. Now my Girlfriend loves all four and that is the ultimate concert for her so I thought, She bought me Jay Z tickets for Aberdeen and I would buy her tickets to see them at Milton Keynes. Now I looked at the date and saw 29/07/2008 which is my birthday. I bought two tickets that cost £106. When I got the confirmation e-mail it was 29/06/2008. ARSE!!!! Jemma returns home from Cuba on the 01/07/2008!!!

So My problem is

A. If I go to see them and take someone else then Jemma is going to never let it down

B. If I sell the tickets I might get some money back and Jemma will feel guilty which might work in my favour + shows her how much I lover. I would sacrifice seeing this group if she can’t.

Send me your advice….

Have decided tonight I am going to work on my website Modern-Image and I am going to go through ALL my photos and organise every thing a little better and build my portfolio. I deleted 1000 photos of the site today, making room for the Highland games which is1069 Photos.

Problem is I have 10,000+ photos 🙂 Will keep you updated.

Just been looking at a fantastic Irish photographer Stephen McCurry. Just spent my lunch going through his 365 days. This is one of the best 365 Days I have seen.

Stephen McCurry I love this photo

By Stephen McCurry

Always thought about doing a 365 days. Not sure I have the commitment or patience. Maybe I should start with a 30 days and take it from there.

I am surviving with out the other half, although it is weird being in her house all alone. I thought I would manage by myself and enjoy “me” time but I am struggling. I think by the time I get in to sorting my photos and maybe starting my “30 days” I will be fine.

Not sure what I am going to have for tea though, had really nice Fish last night. Night have chicken korma Mmm Yum.

Well I had better get back to work, got loads to do.