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I am not a photoshop kinda guy! I try my hardest to get the photograph done in camera and edit some blemishes but that is it. The last few days I have struggled to capture the photograph I wanted! Sort of writers block but for a photographer!

I have uploaded the following two photographs to see how bad the original was and how much photo editing I had to do and it is still not great! It’s not that I suck at Photoshop I just just feel I want to share the view I have seen. I admire people who can take a simple image and airbrush it to hell!! Is it cheating? or is it creative input? hmm.. I don;t know. I feel there is to much airbrushing going in to portraits and does not portray natural beauty.

Try and keep a photograph as natural as possible! You are beautiful and you do not need airbrushing to make you look like a Barbie doll, that is just ugly!

Copyright James Kelly 2010


I am having a day of doing very little but now have to get off my ass and drive to Aberdeen to photograph Cocktails!

Get to sample as well so that should be fun,Will update with photographs asap.

Thursday 18th February 2010.

Been a rubbish day! I feel rubbish!! I have been given the flu (man) by four different people!! THANK YOU… Was meant to be working in Starbucks today but swapped my shift so I can have a day off and rest! That is what I did.  Stayed the night in Oldmeldrum and had the best sleep in weeks.  Was out like a light.  Woke up about 9.30am which has been the latest in a while.

Cooked up in the house and was driving me mad so I packed my camera and headed out for a drive.
My drive took me to Speybay, Speyside.  I have been here before but the photographs did not turn out so great.  I only really came here for a walk and get some fresh air and think… Such a stunning sunset.

Also made my way to Elgin.  Was job hunting and checking out the area.  After speaking to Jemma I have decided I need to move to Elgin.  We just don’t get any time with each other at the weekends so the only way we can work things out is if I move to Elgin and we spend our time together during the week and she spend her time with her family and friends at the weekend.  So I spent the day in Elgin,  I have fallen in love with the area but unfortunately very little jobs.  So had a look around for photographers and there is not to many.  So going to send out my portfolio and look for assistant jobs, also applied for a Media sales jobs for a paper and look to maybe get a photo Journalist job.

90% of all my photographs I have taken alone but sometimes I wish I had someone sharing these experiences. Someone to take in the stunning views or to take photographs along with me (but then I would get jealous if they produce better photos).
I really needed the chill time.  Also stopped for a coffee and took the time to Job hunt and decide if I want/can move to another city!

Thought a lot about why I got in to photography and where I want to go with it.  I think I know and sent some emails… I will give more detail when I know what is going on.

Well I am off to sleep, Working 3-7pm in Starbucks and then 10-1am in Orchid.

Taken from Speybay looking over to Kingston, Morayshire Scotland.

Copyright James Kelly Photography 2010
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Wednesday 03rd December 2009

New Studio!!

Started the morning really energetic! Went for a run then a swimm! Now at 10pm I am pooped!

Started the working morning with a present from Shelly at the Office Bar, keys to my new studio room. Now it’s not huge but perfect for doing portraits and product photography.

I have a few weekend plans that I will want your help with 😀

So will start sorting it out and painting on Friday.

Got the wedding album sorted and off to print today but way a farce I had to begin with and had to call the company three times. So the album is uploading which is going to take 14 hours! Ha…

So been to the gym with Muff and once again I am sore.

Tonight I am having a relaxig night with home made burgers and chips and South Park then out of Egypt ( I’m a geek)

In celebration of having finished the album and sending it of to print I have picked a wedding photograph of Craig & Eilidh Nicol.


Monday 30th November 2009

Cold winter morning.

The last day on November. This year has gon by so fast. it has been a weirs month but will reflect later in December.

7:00am I managed to get out of bed and go for a run, it may have only been a mile and almost killed me! Then I went and did 30 lengths in the pool. Have felt so good today. I am now 90% finished Eiligh and Craigs album and I entered a couple of photography competitions and got caughtub up on emails.

So far it has been good.

Just now I am preparing food for dinner. Going to try my burgers and chips. If I don’t write tomorrow you know the burgers killed me 🙂

Working in to bar tonight which should be fun.

It has been a long night in the bar but drunken Shelly is funny.

To days photograph is a panoramic of Oldmeldrum I’m Winter. If you were to blow this photograph up large and look at the front by the large stones you see Jemma and my dog lying looking up at the sky! I love it. I have sold six of these prints and the owners don’t know 😉


It’s Monday and I am semi-motivated!

In the office doing ZERO work. well that is a little lie, I am on Facebook adding friends and adding to my Flickr page.

Having a thought about a change in career. I need to get my act together.  I have had a good run and had fun & stress with life. Now I am ready to settle and get a real job. Either Offshore or find what area I want to specialize in or (which I think is the direction i want to go in) join the police! I think the police are better suited for me. Scared I fail..

When I was Young

When I was Young

I grew up in these fields. It is weird being 25 and not being able to run through the wheat without a care in the world. My mum tells me that kids don’t play out doors any more. So sad. I know when I have kids I will kick them out the house at 9am and tell them not to come back till dinner. Have adventures, break bones, get messy and cause I grew up in these fields. It is weird being 25 and not being able to run through the wheat without a care in the world. My mum tells me that kids don’t play out doors any more. So sad. I know when I have kids I will kick them out the house at 9am and tell them not to come back till dinner. Have adventures, break bones, get messy and cause trouble.

Copyright James Kelly Photography 2009.

It has been far to long since we talked.

A lot has changed and a lot has happened but I am not going in to that.

I am going to start today.

Had a long lie in, first in a very long time. 8 hours sleep and work up at 10 am! fantastic….

Cleaned the flat and headed down to HQ and cleaned their, don’t know what’s up with me….

The couple of months have been so quiet but not the last week.  I feel I have not slept in a week! Cant complain to much though as I hope it keeps up.

Off to watch season 2 of 24…


This was me this morning. Happy sleeping as the sun rises

This was me this morning. Happy sleeping as the sun rises

Really need sleep. 8am wake up’s and 3am bed time is not going down well.

Photographed a Badminton event today, went well but four hours felt like 10!

Just up loading photographs to our new website and then heading in to the bars/clubs to photograph.
can’t wait for the lie in tomorrow.

Been so long since I have written here. Really bad. I have a load of e-mails that I write on my phone and e-mail to myself so I can add here but never had the chance. I will get around to it some day.

Been working a lot, I have been putting some extra time in to Starbucks this last couple of weeks. Need the extra cash and really not been in the mood for photography. My poor camera has been zipped away in my backpack..


Had it out today.


Me and Jemma were both off this weekend and Jemma asked to make plans to do some thing, So I thought why not take a little road trip on Sunday??

Little journey to Pitlochery and over to Loch Rannoch, Have a little picnic then pick up some fresh food and head home where I will make tea…


As soon as I got up plans were changed. Jemma’s mum wanted to do a car boot sale on Sunday. so plans turned round, Jemma was to sort through all her clothes (Which is a lot) and head off early Sunday to thainstone market.

I was actually a little happy at this. I got dressed and headed in to town, Took my camera out and photographed some of the goings on. the weather was crazy hot. Looks like our summer arrived in September!! I really do love the randomness off Scottish weather.

Had a good walk round town and put a photograph in to get printed on to canvas but as Jessops does, Will probable fuck it up.

Went to work to find out my hours and grabbed a Iced Latte which was bliss cause I was over heating.


Headed home and much to my delight the computer was free, much to my disliking I had filled both my hard drives, 1250GB in 9 months.. Head out to my local PC supermarket (PC World) and picked up a nice 1TB hard drive for £99.99

Got home again and decided to sort out all my photographs and move every thing about. What a stupid mistake, took 11 hours to move three folders.


Had to head out at 7pm, my make 2ky offered to pose for me while I tried out some lighting for a little project of mine. We headed down to the beach and waited for the sun to go down, Managed to get a few great shot of him Plus a dramatic background. Just about to start work on the photos now.

Well better get back to it.