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I love it when you have a whole night planned and some thing happens and then you have nothing planned.

Got home after work last night and discovered my prints did not arrive, so my plan of getting them Mounted, enveloped was thrown out the window. Instead I took a walk down to the gym and had a little work out followed by a walk home with a beautiful sun set

(Photos to follow)

I hate PC’s I really HATE PC’s. My PC is giving me trouble. it is more that fast enough to Run, Photoshop CS3, Lightroom & Other programs at the same time but it keeps cutting out.

Hate it…..

Another hot day today, I am spending the day in shorts. I really hope it is sunny next week cause I will no longer be working and have TWO car shoots (Any one with advice on photographing cars out side would be much appreciated). cheers

Right better get back to work