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Wednesday 03rd December 2009

New Studio!!

Started the morning really energetic! Went for a run then a swimm! Now at 10pm I am pooped!

Started the working morning with a present from Shelly at the Office Bar, keys to my new studio room. Now it’s not huge but perfect for doing portraits and product photography.

I have a few weekend plans that I will want your help with 😀

So will start sorting it out and painting on Friday.

Got the wedding album sorted and off to print today but way a farce I had to begin with and had to call the company three times. So the album is uploading which is going to take 14 hours! Ha…

So been to the gym with Muff and once again I am sore.

Tonight I am having a relaxig night with home made burgers and chips and South Park then out of Egypt ( I’m a geek)

In celebration of having finished the album and sending it of to print I have picked a wedding photograph of Craig & Eilidh Nicol.



I New Birth

Posted: 25 September,2008 in My Life
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A new birth but what will happen to this little twig?

A. Council will cut it,

B. Some little brat of a kid will pull it off or

C. It just dies…


Random I know but been in that mood all day, been up since 6pm and its now just before 9pm.

Work went by fast as the silly buggers were working again. Had a stand in manager from Dundee, she was a great laugh and turns out she know a lot of people I know. That is how small Aberdeen is.

Met my dad after work and had a coffee and just chilled, was feeling sleepy. Booked tickets to go see Tropic Thunder, Great film, funny as hell. Now heading off to bed, up early tomorrow and late night photographing ball room dancing. FUN!!!

Well I started a part time job today. I am doing 20hours a week with Starbucks. I am HOPING this is only going to be for a couple of months.
First day went well. Most of it was spent on paper work. Its not how I remembered it, when I worked for them 3years ago I enjoyed it but now I think I have grown up and not to sound stuck up but I feel I am above it.
I am really worried about my clients coming in and seeing me, I feel its not very professional…
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I should be grateful I can walk straight in to a job and not have to worry about job hunting.

So the first day went well, a lot came back to me and a lot has changed. I was glad when 5pm came though.

Headed how and had a massive clean out. Think the girlfriends mum is trying to get rid of me. I cleaned out a load of boxes and made a list of things that need to go back home.

I am feeling a little misplaced, I don’t have my own flat cause I can’t afford it, I find it hard to work on my computer because of the difficult place it is in (no room for a desk), Jemma’s dad is implying he does not want me using his computer (fair enough, just wish he would come out with it).  I have to take most of my photography stuff back home which is 20 miles from Aberdeen. I don’t get time to watch my programs on TV or when I do, Jemma makes a fuss.
 I feel I have no place, no stability. Oh and to make things better, my computer has now just died on me….

I am going to bed!!!!



I had a really chilling-out day, I was meeting my dad to go brows around cars and go for coffee. So after a short sleep I got up at 8.30am and woke up really well, which is strange as I have been struggling to wake up for the last couple of weeks.

So I got up and dragged my ass to the gym. Had a great work out and then met my father for coffee which lasted 3 hours 🙂 and then started the car hunting.

Now when me and my dad go to “look” for cars he always ends up buying. Same as always he buys a car.

After getting back and resting my feet I sat down to Adobe lightroom. I really want to learn this software and the book by Scott Kelby. I managed to import all the photos I have taken in 2008, all 16,000!!!

Headed to bed watched the Assassination of Jesse James. Good file but slow.

New Beginings

Posted: 13 May,2008 in Uncategorized
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Let me tell you a little about why am writing this blog. I love to write but I am not very good at it, I could spend hours writing but I have never been good with spelling, punctuation or even laying out pharagraphs. My life is about photography, it is every thing I do and think about. It affects my mood and distracts me from every thing. I plan to use this blog to display me selected photographs and tell you the story behind them.

Recently I have been struggling to push my self to photograph, I am finding it hard to just pick up my camera and just in to the car and drive.

Last year I gave up my photography business and stopped photography all together, I decided I was going to go too Thailand with my girlfriend, and I wasn’t going to take the camera (That would have been stupid). The day we left for Thailand I picked up my camera, so I came home revived and fresh with images. I learned a lot about my self and a lot about who my friends were. It was a life changing experience.  (The image below is the symbole of my life change.)

Symbol to mark the change in my life.

Later that yeah I saved money and bought my self the Nikon D3 and a load of equipments. Now I know it is not the equipment that makes the photographer it is the person, but the equipment does help….

You can view most of my images at the below links:




I hope you enjoy my images and join me in my life experiences.
James Kelly