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I am not a photoshop kinda guy! I try my hardest to get the photograph done in camera and edit some blemishes but that is it. The last few days I have struggled to capture the photograph I wanted! Sort of writers block but for a photographer!

I have uploaded the following two photographs to see how bad the original was and how much photo editing I had to do and it is still not great! It’s not that I suck at Photoshop I just just feel I want to share the view I have seen. I admire people who can take a simple image and airbrush it to hell!! Is it cheating? or is it creative input? hmm.. I don;t know. I feel there is to much airbrushing going in to portraits and does not portray natural beauty.

Try and keep a photograph as natural as possible! You are beautiful and you do not need airbrushing to make you look like a Barbie doll, that is just ugly!

Copyright James Kelly 2010


Not got much to say today, been really busy with work (makes a change).

I was out in the garden and spotted this little fella, Just wanted to photograph him/her. Kinda feel he/she does not want to be part of the flower group. He/she would rather just chill out in the sun, having some time to their self. Thats always good…..


I was feeling crap earlier today. I hate staying in the city (well Aberdeen is hardly a city in some peoples eyes). I don’t like there being buildings, cars, roads and people every where.

I managed to get a hold of the works van, stopped by my girlfriends house to have dinner and give her a cuddle, cause she is having a bad day at work. I jumped in the van and drove to my parents in the country. I am very lucky that i can stay in the city but when I need a break I can head to my parents and be surrounded by fields and Forrest.

My parents live in a little village of Oldmeldrum, Aberdeen-shire. When I grew up this place was tiny, Maybe 300-400 people but new with the demand of houses the population in some where around 1500-2000 people!! I hate it, the new houses look out of place and the little fuckers that think they are gangster that hang out around the shops. I wish they appreciated my town the way I do.

Anyway, getting back to it. I came home but no one was around. I rounded up my dogs Barney and Ned and went for a long. I love hitting the farm road with my camera in hand.


Ned Ned

I have photographed many things and some of them my best but i like to keep these to my self.

Yesterday I set out to photograph the sun setting over Aberdeen harbour, I took my girlfriend as she didn’t want to stay in by herself but she was also very tired from work. After 30minutes of sitting in the car waiting for the sun to sleep, she became to tired and wanted to come home.

Tonight as I was driving home the sun began its departing, it was stunning, The clouds had covered the Grampians area but I can see far to the hills it was still clear sky but with the contrast of the gray clouds and the bright sun, the skyline was on fire… I love that, I walked along the road and round the forest and as I carried along the farm road I stopped to look at the falling sun.

When I was younger and burning the candle at both ends, I would get the pleasure of seeing sun rise & sun set. Both the best times of the day. nowadays I don’t get to see either.

While watching the sun set i started thinking about chasing the sun set all over the world. I want to photograph the sun rise/set in every location possible, but I would start in Scotland. Why travel the world when I have some of the best locations in my back garden.

So I now have a new goal, Sunset & Sunrise to the ends of the world.