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I love it when you have a whole night planned and some thing happens and then you have nothing planned.

Got home after work last night and discovered my prints did not arrive, so my plan of getting them Mounted, enveloped was thrown out the window. Instead I took a walk down to the gym and had a little work out followed by a walk home with a beautiful sun set

(Photos to follow)

I hate PC’s I really HATE PC’s. My PC is giving me trouble. it is more that fast enough to Run, Photoshop CS3, Lightroom & Other programs at the same time but it keeps cutting out.

Hate it…..

Another hot day today, I am spending the day in shorts. I really hope it is sunny next week cause I will no longer be working and have TWO car shoots (Any one with advice on photographing cars out side would be much appreciated). cheers

Right better get back to work


Stuck in the the office and Aberdeen is the hottest city in the UK….

I have now changed in to shorts and look like a twat 🙂

Heading home soon to start mounting all the photos from the weekend. The company who I get the prints done have let me down a lot recently and have compensated me but it has been a struggle. a total of two hours over 4 days on the phone. 6-mails and still unhappy with the prints.

The photos that arrive today will be judged and if I am unhappy I will be returning to my original printers. Quality over comes price.

I have to send away one of my studio lights after some silly girl decided to walk straight in to it. Fell over and now all the buttons are pushed in and no power to the unit. The thing that pissed me the most is she didn’t even apologise. That REALLY GETS ON MY TIT……

After 10 years of being our neighbours and neighbours my mother childminding their 2 kids they have finally decided to leave for pastures new.

My mum and dad love holding parties and it has been a very long time since the last. They go all-out, So much food and drink. We were lucky to have great weather as well.

I was meant to be photographing our neighbours the Olgavies as a leaving present and while I was doing that all their & our friends was to come round to our house. Well they forgot about the photo session and my mother was worried that she would notice 10 cars parked outside our house. Lucky for us she is Blonde (no offence to blondes).

Well they pop round because we told them we would cook them dinner. I have never seen some one cry so much, for two hours that is all she did. We I think I would be a little emotional if 20 of my best friends came to say good bye.

Well the party kicked off. The food was eaten and the drink was drank. I got a little drunk myself but there is nothing better that chilling outside in the sun with good food and chilled drink with great chat. I also loved sitting with my camera with no hassle of having to photograph, just click when I want and that is what I did.

Some photos below.

My sunshine(Jemma)




The Food….

The Food







The weather in Scotland is mental. We have not had so many hot days in a row.

For the last couple of weeks I have spent my days in doors. The only time I am getting outside is when I bike too and from work.

Today was different at my other job (photography) I got paid to spend the WHOLE day out side. I could have not been any happier. From 9am till 5pm I was outside.

Every month I photograph for a Company Decathlon called Activity Mix. This was the first event out doors, the event was Touch Rugby. It was great. My first task is to take team photographs and second task is to capture the action photos.

Some time this is easy some times it’s hard but today was a walk in the park (literally). The teams were screaming at me for photos. And the action shots were coming in fast thanks to the amazing Nikon D3 I use.

So the day was great, although I never got any lunch for being to busy and manage to burn my head.

 Fav team Photograph

Total, Activity Mix 2008 

Think of your own captions for this 🙂



Night time was better. I just got in the door of my girlfriends house when my phone goes. One of the directors from my part time job needed help. Now if it had been any one else I would have told them were to go because I was shattered and had a busy night a head but I was in a good mood. I had to help quickly set up a mobile disco which was just around the corner from where I was. It took 10 minutes which was fine.

After that I headed down to the supermarket because I was cooking dinner to night for 8 people and need some more ingredients.

Tonight I was making Baked Potato and Chilli. After slaving away in the kitchen fro 2 hours every thing was cooked, every one loved it (licked their plates clean). Photograph and cooking are a like. You spend hours preparing and working and when every one like the finished product you not only get a relief cause you succeeded but a boosted confidence cause you did well.

Once every one was stuffed we sat down to watch the Ricky Hatton fight which was a great match.

Hats off to the poor bastard in the match before, having to get you dread locks cut off cause they would not stay tied up. He will never live that down.