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I am not a photoshop kinda guy! I try my hardest to get the photograph done in camera and edit some blemishes but that is it. The last few days I have struggled to capture the photograph I wanted! Sort of writers block but for a photographer!

I have uploaded the following two photographs to see how bad the original was and how much photo editing I had to do and it is still not great! It’s not that I suck at Photoshop I just just feel I want to share the view I have seen. I admire people who can take a simple image and airbrush it to hell!! Is it cheating? or is it creative input? hmm.. I don;t know. I feel there is to much airbrushing going in to portraits and does not portray natural beauty.

Try and keep a photograph as natural as possible! You are beautiful and you do not need airbrushing to make you look like a Barbie doll, that is just ugly!

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Posted: 18 May,2008 in My Life
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I love clouds, I remember when I was younger just lying in a daze just looking at clouds.

Hmm bring back those days.


 So I did, I set up my camera, Pointed to the sky and chilled for a couple of hours.

Below is what I finished up with.

(These have had only the basic of Photoshop)


Love the Rainbow colours around the lining of the cloud.