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When I was Young

When I was Young

I grew up in these fields. It is weird being 25 and not being able to run through the wheat without a care in the world. My mum tells me that kids don’t play out doors any more. So sad. I know when I have kids I will kick them out the house at 9am and tell them not to come back till dinner. Have adventures, break bones, get messy and cause I grew up in these fields. It is weird being 25 and not being able to run through the wheat without a care in the world. My mum tells me that kids don’t play out doors any more. So sad. I know when I have kids I will kick them out the house at 9am and tell them not to come back till dinner. Have adventures, break bones, get messy and cause trouble.

Copyright James Kelly Photography 2009.


Been so long since I have written here. Really bad. I have a load of e-mails that I write on my phone and e-mail to myself so I can add here but never had the chance. I will get around to it some day.

Been working a lot, I have been putting some extra time in to Starbucks this last couple of weeks. Need the extra cash and really not been in the mood for photography. My poor camera has been zipped away in my backpack..


Had it out today.


Me and Jemma were both off this weekend and Jemma asked to make plans to do some thing, So I thought why not take a little road trip on Sunday??

Little journey to Pitlochery and over to Loch Rannoch, Have a little picnic then pick up some fresh food and head home where I will make tea…


As soon as I got up plans were changed. Jemma’s mum wanted to do a car boot sale on Sunday. so plans turned round, Jemma was to sort through all her clothes (Which is a lot) and head off early Sunday to thainstone market.

I was actually a little happy at this. I got dressed and headed in to town, Took my camera out and photographed some of the goings on. the weather was crazy hot. Looks like our summer arrived in September!! I really do love the randomness off Scottish weather.

Had a good walk round town and put a photograph in to get printed on to canvas but as Jessops does, Will probable fuck it up.

Went to work to find out my hours and grabbed a Iced Latte which was bliss cause I was over heating.


Headed home and much to my delight the computer was free, much to my disliking I had filled both my hard drives, 1250GB in 9 months.. Head out to my local PC supermarket (PC World) and picked up a nice 1TB hard drive for £99.99

Got home again and decided to sort out all my photographs and move every thing about. What a stupid mistake, took 11 hours to move three folders.


Had to head out at 7pm, my make 2ky offered to pose for me while I tried out some lighting for a little project of mine. We headed down to the beach and waited for the sun to go down, Managed to get a few great shot of him Plus a dramatic background. Just about to start work on the photos now.

Well better get back to it.



I love it when I get the spontainious and go and photograph. Recently I have been too lazy to do any thing. I cant be arsed with the gym or photographing, I want to but the bad side of my mind is taking control…

I took these tonight, Made me feel better but still lazy 🙂

Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen BeachAberdeen beach

Ali took me rock climbing today. We were climbing cliffs by the sea called the Slough just outside Aberdeen.

The first stage was really hard and I found it hard jumping on to the over hang. I had no upper body strengh and was proving difficult.

So after 4 try’s I decided to call it quits and improve my upper body and come back in a couple of weeks.

The second climb was great involved using gear and there is nothing that gets the blood pumping more that hanging over a cliff removing gear..

Headed to the pub after a good climb and chilled and watched the opening olympics, WOW they know how to hold a party but the question is, at what cost??

Well heading for food now. Chat laterz

Ali Soloing on the Slough


Charity Thrombosis Music Gig,
Cafe Drummaaonds, Aberdeen

Neil & Glen.

This was my first live band session in 2 years and was great.


Just had a great gym session. I am not just chilling on the sofa writing my blog. I start work at 1pm. the big Starbucks dude is up and management are going mental… I don’t understand people who stress, makes life worse.Could not sleep last night and I am waking an hour before my alarm. I am getting annoyed with my self cause I have a load of photos that need worked on and I just don’t have the means or time. Well I could make the time but I have to wait till Vic (Jemma dad) goes to bed which is normal 10pm. By that time I need my bed. The sooner I get a job offshore the sooner I can get a place of my own and a new computer…

Well I had better head to work, can’t be arsed.



Well I started a part time job today. I am doing 20hours a week with Starbucks. I am HOPING this is only going to be for a couple of months.
First day went well. Most of it was spent on paper work. Its not how I remembered it, when I worked for them 3years ago I enjoyed it but now I think I have grown up and not to sound stuck up but I feel I am above it.
I am really worried about my clients coming in and seeing me, I feel its not very professional…
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I should be grateful I can walk straight in to a job and not have to worry about job hunting.

So the first day went well, a lot came back to me and a lot has changed. I was glad when 5pm came though.

Headed how and had a massive clean out. Think the girlfriends mum is trying to get rid of me. I cleaned out a load of boxes and made a list of things that need to go back home.

I am feeling a little misplaced, I don’t have my own flat cause I can’t afford it, I find it hard to work on my computer because of the difficult place it is in (no room for a desk), Jemma’s dad is implying he does not want me using his computer (fair enough, just wish he would come out with it).  I have to take most of my photography stuff back home which is 20 miles from Aberdeen. I don’t get time to watch my programs on TV or when I do, Jemma makes a fuss.
 I feel I have no place, no stability. Oh and to make things better, my computer has now just died on me….

I am going to bed!!!!



Words and photographs can not explain or even come close to the experience I had this weekend.

I asked a friend of mine a couple of months ago to take me up the Cairngorms in Scotland for my first mountain hike. He also recommended a little rock climbing.

We packed up the car and headed to Balleter for a little rock-climbing. We left early, around 9am as we wanted to get there early and beat the crowd of people (apparently it is a busy spot for rock-climbing).

We arrived at our destination; the cliffs are on a little road that detours past Balleter to Braemar.

The pass of Balleter

My first impressions “fuck that is bloody high”. But Ali reassured me it looks worse than it is. We had a little hike and climbed to the middle of the cliff face. Now to cut this short I did three section (will try and find the names of them and post them here), the first one I climbed three times and was a severe (Grade Easy) climb, the second I climbed just the once and found it very hard, this was a very severe grade. The last one was amazing, having to hang upside down and then swing round and grabbing the smallest grove. After a little break we climbed 75 meters high and decided to absale down 100 meters. I have never done this and was the most amazing experience. My heart was pumping my adrenalin was flowing through my body.

After I settled down and was calm enough to drive we ventured in to Balleter for a mid afternoon pint. Nothing better than adrenalin pumping with alcohol (Bulmer’s) mixing through your body.

As there was no food being served in Balleter we moved over to Braemar. We did a little shopping, bought a new fleece, socks and fuel for the cups of tea. Stopped buy a little cafe for some food and had a disgusting Angus burger, Dripping with fat (still ate it).

We then headed off to the Lynn of Dee where we are to park the car and hike to our camp sight. After loading up our bags we started out 2 hour walk in the heart of the Cairngorms and pitch out tent just west of the Lynn of Dee. We found out land, pitched our tent, cooled our beers in the fresh spring water and started our fire (on rocks next to the river, not on the grass).

After making an amazing cup of tea we ate some grub and opened our beers and watched the sunset over the hills of the cairngorms.

I love it when you have a whole night planned and some thing happens and then you have nothing planned.

Got home after work last night and discovered my prints did not arrive, so my plan of getting them Mounted, enveloped was thrown out the window. Instead I took a walk down to the gym and had a little work out followed by a walk home with a beautiful sun set

(Photos to follow)

I hate PC’s I really HATE PC’s. My PC is giving me trouble. it is more that fast enough to Run, Photoshop CS3, Lightroom & Other programs at the same time but it keeps cutting out.

Hate it…..

Another hot day today, I am spending the day in shorts. I really hope it is sunny next week cause I will no longer be working and have TWO car shoots (Any one with advice on photographing cars out side would be much appreciated). cheers

Right better get back to work

Weeks role in to one..

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Time and life is passing way to fast!! I hate it.
Got a busy week ahead. I am photographing Jemma’s nans (grandmother) 60th wedding anniversary tonight, 60 years together!! LONG TIME…
Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be photographing a golf outing at Inchmarlo in Banchory, 10am-7pm and then I have a load of photos to mound, envelope and post. Friday I am back down at Inchmarlo for round 2. 8am -6/7pm and again photos o sort and envelope. Fun and games but ££££.
Talking about time going by fast, the last 3 hours have felt like a week. Now I am all for time going slow but not when I am stuck in an office doing work I don’t want to do.
Uploaded the cairngorm photos, so many I like but I have chosen only a few.


Adder in the Cairngorms




Ali on a meter width ridge