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Hope! One can only hope that things will turn out the way they should. You try not get your hopes up but sometimes you can help it!

Just keep wishing, loving and work hard for you deserve!

When we last had snow you couldn’t keep me in doors, I was outside every spare minute I had photographing but this year I have no passion to photograph the winter snow and this is disturbing me.

Today’s photograph was taken at 12.30am on Wednesday 23-12-2009. This is the rear end of Soul bar & Casino, Aberdeen.
Developed in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and this is the first time I have made an done HDR.
The red sky is the effect of light pollution on low clouds from the street lights of Aberdeen.




Been so long since I have written here. Really bad. I have a load of e-mails that I write on my phone and e-mail to myself so I can add here but never had the chance. I will get around to it some day.

Been working a lot, I have been putting some extra time in to Starbucks this last couple of weeks. Need the extra cash and really not been in the mood for photography. My poor camera has been zipped away in my backpack..


Had it out today.


Me and Jemma were both off this weekend and Jemma asked to make plans to do some thing, So I thought why not take a little road trip on Sunday??

Little journey to Pitlochery and over to Loch Rannoch, Have a little picnic then pick up some fresh food and head home where I will make tea…


As soon as I got up plans were changed. Jemma’s mum wanted to do a car boot sale on Sunday. so plans turned round, Jemma was to sort through all her clothes (Which is a lot) and head off early Sunday to thainstone market.

I was actually a little happy at this. I got dressed and headed in to town, Took my camera out and photographed some of the goings on. the weather was crazy hot. Looks like our summer arrived in September!! I really do love the randomness off Scottish weather.

Had a good walk round town and put a photograph in to get printed on to canvas but as Jessops does, Will probable fuck it up.

Went to work to find out my hours and grabbed a Iced Latte which was bliss cause I was over heating.


Headed home and much to my delight the computer was free, much to my disliking I had filled both my hard drives, 1250GB in 9 months.. Head out to my local PC supermarket (PC World) and picked up a nice 1TB hard drive for £99.99

Got home again and decided to sort out all my photographs and move every thing about. What a stupid mistake, took 11 hours to move three folders.


Had to head out at 7pm, my make 2ky offered to pose for me while I tried out some lighting for a little project of mine. We headed down to the beach and waited for the sun to go down, Managed to get a few great shot of him Plus a dramatic background. Just about to start work on the photos now.

Well better get back to it.



I love it when I get the spontainious and go and photograph. Recently I have been too lazy to do any thing. I cant be arsed with the gym or photographing, I want to but the bad side of my mind is taking control…

I took these tonight, Made me feel better but still lazy 🙂

Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen BeachAberdeen beach

Ali took me rock climbing today. We were climbing cliffs by the sea called the Slough just outside Aberdeen.

The first stage was really hard and I found it hard jumping on to the over hang. I had no upper body strengh and was proving difficult.

So after 4 try’s I decided to call it quits and improve my upper body and come back in a couple of weeks.

The second climb was great involved using gear and there is nothing that gets the blood pumping more that hanging over a cliff removing gear..

Headed to the pub after a good climb and chilled and watched the opening olympics, WOW they know how to hold a party but the question is, at what cost??

Well heading for food now. Chat laterz

Ali Soloing on the Slough


It has been the longest day! In fact this week has felt like a month. Think it because I am off next week. Oh yes a whole week off work. I plan to do nothing a part from photography, photography and maybe a little photography.

I am lying in bed just now(sorry to put the thought in your head) and watching tv, what is the deal with the dress sense? People are dressed out of the 80’s!!! Can people not think of some thing new and original….

Finished work then got my head shaved. Was dying for a chi latte. Spent 2 hours in Starbucks just reading.. When driving home the sky was filled with beautiful clouds but I knew I had to much photographs to work on. Got home, cooked some food and though “fuck it”. Grabbed my camera and headed some where I never photographed before which was a place called Banchory-Devenick

Got a stunning sun & sun rays above cults.

My mother use to tell me that the sun rays were spirits returning to heaven after watching over us.

Right well I am heading to sleep.
I have posted photos of today below.

I don’t print enough. It is cheap than ever before but I don’t print enough of my photographs.

So I have decided to print photographs every week. I will post the photos I send to print each week. Some will be for my portfolio some I think for a little scrap book.

This is what I got done over the weekend.

Vetco Gray


The Mascot Race

Long Jump

Hulk doing the Long Jump


Highland Dancing

I love that word. Arsed, Means I can not be bothered to do any thing!!  That is my mood today.

Had a late on last night. After finishing work at 6pm I headed down to the night club Espionage in Aberdeen. Was there from 6pm-10.30pm. Got some great shots, I bracketed every photo by 5 images. Going to use some for HDR trials.

Got home loaded all images on to Hard drives and DVDs & then hit the hay sack (bed).

Works been a bit arse today.  Got a lot of work done but just really tired of it all. I think maybe time is coming to go back to working for my self, defiantly giving me lots to think about.

Will post the final Espionage photos up hopefully next week.

Enjoy your weekend.

Finally got the photographs of Craig finished. The ones I posted were pretty much raw photos, made a little adjustment to the light.

This is my favourite.

Really sad, my other half is heading off to Cuba next week for two weeks with out me. I will have one week of gym, work, eat, photos, sleep and one week off which will just be gym, photos, eat and sleep and hopefully a couple of days camping in the cairngorms.

Been really busy at work this week which is good but having problems with being in doors for 8 hours. I hate it; I feel really claustrophobic and need to get outside. I think I need a job where I am based outside; I don’t care if it is raining or sunshine as long as it is outside. Any ideas?

Just realised this time last year I was in Thailand, oh well hopefully next year I will get a holiday.

Heading back to Oldmeldrum tonight, Going to try and photograph the sunset if the clouds break a little.

Will post my findings later.

Had a long and boring day. One of those days where you want to be busy but have nothing to do.

Work finally finished and was on my way home. But to night I was doing some thing different.

A friend of mine, Craig Ross has just finished getting a huge tattoo inked on his chest, shoulder and arm and I have been wanting to photograph it for a while.

After managing to secure a place to set up my backdrop (Mum & Dads house 🙂 ) we headed out and set every thing up.

I love taking portraits for my portfolio. I love just playing with lighting although I need to start Recording my light information.

Model: Craig Ross

Camera: Nikon D3

Lens: Nikkor 18-35mm, Nikkor 50mm, Tameron 70-200m