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I am not a photoshop kinda guy! I try my hardest to get the photograph done in camera and edit some blemishes but that is it. The last few days I have struggled to capture the photograph I wanted! Sort of writers block but for a photographer!

I have uploaded the following two photographs to see how bad the original was and how much photo editing I had to do and it is still not great! It’s not that I suck at Photoshop I just just feel I want to share the view I have seen. I admire people who can take a simple image and airbrush it to hell!! Is it cheating? or is it creative input? hmm.. I don;t know. I feel there is to much airbrushing going in to portraits and does not portray natural beauty.

Try and keep a photograph as natural as possible! You are beautiful and you do not need airbrushing to make you look like a Barbie doll, that is just ugly!

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Hope! One can only hope that things will turn out the way they should. You try not get your hopes up but sometimes you can help it!

Just keep wishing, loving and work hard for you deserve!

When we last had snow you couldn’t keep me in doors, I was outside every spare minute I had photographing but this year I have no passion to photograph the winter snow and this is disturbing me.

Today’s photograph was taken at 12.30am on Wednesday 23-12-2009. This is the rear end of Soul bar & Casino, Aberdeen.
Developed in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and this is the first time I have made an done HDR.
The red sky is the effect of light pollution on low clouds from the street lights of Aberdeen.



Studio Day

Posted: 5 December,2009 in My Life, Photography Thoughts

Saturday 05th December 2009

A day I’m the studio, the first of many!

I had a long lie in today, did not get up till 11am. Went to the gym for a swim then headed down to the studio to start painting. Managed to get one coat of paint on and swept the floor. Can’t wait to get started photographing, I have loads of ideas I want to do!

Off out to my mate Ally’s flat for his birthday house part. Few beers and some nibbles then home for an early night and back to painting and a short break for some rock climbing

Ahh I love weekends!

Today’s photograph is of Rebbeca Curran, these photographs were taken for Fibre Hair Salon. Really love the angle and the black and White.

Wednesday 03rd December 2009

New Studio!!

Started the morning really energetic! Went for a run then a swimm! Now at 10pm I am pooped!

Started the working morning with a present from Shelly at the Office Bar, keys to my new studio room. Now it’s not huge but perfect for doing portraits and product photography.

I have a few weekend plans that I will want your help with 馃榾

So will start sorting it out and painting on Friday.

Got the wedding album sorted and off to print today but way a farce I had to begin with and had to call the company three times. So the album is uploading which is going to take 14 hours! Ha…

So been to the gym with Muff and once again I am sore.

Tonight I am having a relaxig night with home made burgers and chips and South Park then out of Egypt ( I’m a geek)

In celebration of having finished the album and sending it of to print I have picked a wedding photograph of Craig & Eilidh Nicol.


Airtime, originally uploaded by catchlightsa.

It is not often I blog some one else鈥檚 photos but this one touched me. Every now and then I find a photograph that moves me and takes me to another world. I close my eyes and try to imagine what that photographer is going through as they took this photo. This is one of my all time favourite photographs.


Thank you,

Guys from Catchlightsa

I love it when you have a whole night planned and some thing happens and then you have nothing planned.

Got home after work last night and discovered my prints did not arrive, so my plan of getting them Mounted, enveloped was thrown out the window. Instead I took a walk down to the gym and had a little work out followed by a walk home with a beautiful sun set

(Photos to follow)

I hate PC’s I really HATE PC’s. My PC is giving me trouble. it is more that fast enough to Run, Photoshop CS3, Lightroom & Other programs at the same time but it keeps cutting out.

Hate it…..

Another hot day today, I am spending the day in shorts. I really hope it is sunny next week cause I will no longer be working and have TWO car shoots (Any one with advice on photographing cars out side would be much appreciated). cheers

Right better get back to work

Stuck in the the office and Aberdeen is the hottest city in the UK….

I have now changed in to shorts and look like a twat 馃檪

Heading home soon to start mounting all the photos from the weekend. The company who I get the prints done have let me down a lot recently and have compensated me but it has been a struggle. a total of two hours over 4 days on the phone. 6-mails and still unhappy with the prints.

The photos that arrive today will be judged and if I am unhappy I will be returning to my original printers. Quality over comes price.

I have to send away one of my studio lights after some silly girl decided to walk straight in to it. Fell over and now all the buttons are pushed in and no power to the unit. The thing that pissed me the most is she didn鈥檛 even apologise. That REALLY GETS ON MY TIT……

Nothing is happening; work is quiet and not busy. Will have a wonder about and try and find some work.

Had a late night last night. trying to get these blasted Activity Mix photos finished. Here is my Workflow

All images are taken from Memory card and backed up on Backup hard drive and DVD.

Then I create a “Master” folder.

Then copy the “Master” Folder and rename it “Edit”.

The edit folder is where I delete all the unwanted images and edit the kept ones.

I then create the “Jpeg master” folder and convent all my final RAW images to this folder.

I then copy that folder and call it “Edit Jpeg” and this is where I do any editing to the Jpeg images.

I then copy that folder and create “Jpeg Web” and resize all images 800×600 72DPI.

That folder is then copied and renamed 鈥淲atermark Web鈥 and watermark all images.

I then copy that folder and rename it “M-I” and resize them between 0.50-0.150MB for posting on

(All is now done with Lightroom)

So that is my work flow, only with the Activity Mix photos they have to get sorted in to 10 folders with each of the Highland Games. It is driving me up the wall and to top it off my Photo shop is corrupting images.

So I spent 2 hours in the gym yesterday and 8 hours at work and then 6 hours editing photos, Nice….

Tonight I had planed to go for a swim but it looks like I will be in front of the computer getting them completed. Think is I feel really guilty spending so much time in-doors, I should be out photographing.

E-mailed the other half last night but not sure is she is getting e-mail but going to e-mail her every day so when she does get to her messages, she will have plenty from me 馃檪 I am really missing her 馃槬

Right I had better go and find some thing to do.


I can be a right silly bugger some times.

Was browsing on the interweb last night and I found out that Jay Z and Linkin Park, N.E.R.D & Shakira. Now my Girlfriend loves all four and that is the ultimate concert for her so I thought, She bought me Jay Z tickets for Aberdeen and I would buy her tickets to see them at Milton Keynes. Now I looked at the date and saw 29/07/2008 which is my birthday. I bought two tickets that cost 拢106. When I got the confirmation e-mail it was 29/06/2008. ARSE!!!! Jemma returns home from Cuba on the 01/07/2008!!!

So My problem is

A. If I go to see them and take someone else then Jemma is going to never let it down

B. If I sell the tickets I might get some money back and Jemma will feel guilty which might work in my favour + shows her how much I lover. I would sacrifice seeing this group if she can鈥檛.

Send me your advice鈥.

Have decided tonight I am going to work on my website Modern-Image and I am going to go through ALL my photos and organise every thing a little better and build my portfolio. I deleted 1000 photos of the site today, making room for the Highland games which is1069 Photos.

Problem is I have 10,000+ photos 馃檪 Will keep you updated.

Just been looking at a fantastic Irish photographer Stephen McCurry. Just spent my lunch going through his 365 days. This is one of the best 365 Days I have seen.

Stephen McCurry I love this photo

By Stephen McCurry

Always thought about doing a 365 days. Not sure I have the commitment or patience. Maybe I should start with a 30 days and take it from there.

I am surviving with out the other half, although it is weird being in her house all alone. I thought I would manage by myself and enjoy “me” time but I am struggling. I think by the time I get in to sorting my photos and maybe starting my “30 days” I will be fine.

Not sure what I am going to have for tea though, had really nice Fish last night. Night have chicken korma Mmm Yum.

Well I had better get back to work, got loads to do.

I don’t print enough. It is cheap than ever before but I don’t print enough of my photographs.

So I have decided to print photographs every week. I will post the photos I send to print each week. Some will be for my portfolio some I think for a little scrap book.

This is what I got done over the weekend.