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Thursday 18th February 2010.

Been a rubbish day! I feel rubbish!! I have been given the flu (man) by four different people!! THANK YOU… Was meant to be working in Starbucks today but swapped my shift so I can have a day off and rest! That is what I did.  Stayed the night in Oldmeldrum and had the best sleep in weeks.  Was out like a light.  Woke up about 9.30am which has been the latest in a while.

Cooked up in the house and was driving me mad so I packed my camera and headed out for a drive.
My drive took me to Speybay, Speyside.  I have been here before but the photographs did not turn out so great.  I only really came here for a walk and get some fresh air and think… Such a stunning sunset.

Also made my way to Elgin.  Was job hunting and checking out the area.  After speaking to Jemma I have decided I need to move to Elgin.  We just don’t get any time with each other at the weekends so the only way we can work things out is if I move to Elgin and we spend our time together during the week and she spend her time with her family and friends at the weekend.  So I spent the day in Elgin,  I have fallen in love with the area but unfortunately very little jobs.  So had a look around for photographers and there is not to many.  So going to send out my portfolio and look for assistant jobs, also applied for a Media sales jobs for a paper and look to maybe get a photo Journalist job.

90% of all my photographs I have taken alone but sometimes I wish I had someone sharing these experiences. Someone to take in the stunning views or to take photographs along with me (but then I would get jealous if they produce better photos).
I really needed the chill time.  Also stopped for a coffee and took the time to Job hunt and decide if I want/can move to another city!

Thought a lot about why I got in to photography and where I want to go with it.  I think I know and sent some emails… I will give more detail when I know what is going on.

Well I am off to sleep, Working 3-7pm in Starbucks and then 10-1am in Orchid.

Taken from Speybay looking over to Kingston, Morayshire Scotland.

Copyright James Kelly Photography 2010
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