Studio has Arrives

Posted: 2 December,2009 in My Life, Photography Thoughts
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Wednesday 03rd December 2009

New Studio!!

Started the morning really energetic! Went for a run then a swimm! Now at 10pm I am pooped!

Started the working morning with a present from Shelly at the Office Bar, keys to my new studio room. Now it’s not huge but perfect for doing portraits and product photography.

I have a few weekend plans that I will want your help with 😀

So will start sorting it out and painting on Friday.

Got the wedding album sorted and off to print today but way a farce I had to begin with and had to call the company three times. So the album is uploading which is going to take 14 hours! Ha…

So been to the gym with Muff and once again I am sore.

Tonight I am having a relaxig night with home made burgers and chips and South Park then out of Egypt ( I’m a geek)

In celebration of having finished the album and sending it of to print I have picked a wedding photograph of Craig & Eilidh Nicol.



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